Stories of Struggle, Survival and Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Southern Dallas residents open up about their health care needs, struggles and experiences.
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Community Perspective

EdCor has partnered with a local non-profit design firm to better understand the experiences of people living in Southern Dallas.

We created a safe space for people to share stories and experiences with health care, as well as desires for the new clinic, and overall personal, family and community needs.

we are listening

Hear from the Community

For me in my life wellness doesn’t carry the same stigma as health. I feel in control of my wellness, but not my health.

If I have a condition, the information itself doesn’t make me healthier, but a good doctor can help me to feel more empowered.

We just don’t see mental health in the same way we see someone with cancer.

In my opinion the clinic should be a melting pot - it should represent the holistic view of the community itself.

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