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Providing integrated solutions that meet the needs of our community.
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We are here to provide YOU with health and wellness solutions.

Welcome to the first integrated health care clinic serving southern Dallas. 

Southern Dallas has a critical shortfall of physical and mental healthcare services. Residents often travel far to get the services they need - services they deserve to have in their own neighborhood.

EdCor is a non-profit trying to help close the gap by building a brand-new, state-of-the-art, integrated health clinic with different providers and staff working side-by-side to deliver amazing care and experience to its patients.

Primary Care & Welness

Primary health care and physicians you can trust and believe in for your wellness needs.

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Behavioral Health Care

Our integrated, state-of-the-art program seeks to improve mental health crisis interventions in southern Dallas.

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At times, we may all need additional support with our daily struggles, life events, crises, or unknown emotional difficulty.

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Community Meeting Space

Beyond just health and wellness, EdCor Health is a place to come, pause, gain resources and find the support you need.

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