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Providing a new model that focuses on primary, mental and behavioral healthcare and access in Southern Dallas.
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 Stories of Struggle, Survival and Hope for a Better Tomorrow
Southern Dallas residents open up about their needs and
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Ensuring the southern Dallas community is the heart and soul of integrated care.
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Who we are

At EdCor Health, we offer a true collaboration of primary, mental and behavioral health care built for and with the community.

Our vision is to help close the gap by building a brand-new, state-of-the-art, integrated health clinic with different providers and staff working side-by-side to deliver high-quality care and experience to its patients.

purpose driven

Why EdCor Health?

Health and wellness means many different things to many different people - and want this diversity to be reflected in their health care providers and centers. Our goal is for EdCor Health to reflect the needs and desires of the community that we serve.

EdCor seeks to change the expectations for providers in the physical space, requiring their services to be both innovative and collaborative, approaching each patient holistically.

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Our Partners

The community
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stories & insights

Firstly, and most importantly, the community wants the clinic.

There is, without a doubt, demand for this clinic. The community consistently expressed their desire to have this space reflect their need for not just primary care, but for other additional wellness options.

The community shared stories and experiences with health care, as well as desires for the new clinic, and overall personal, family and community needs.

Our services

True collaboration of primary and behavioral health care.

At EdCor, we are creating a collaborative healthcare center to provide integrated mental health and primary care services. We are establishing mental health and wellness training resources for schools, non-profits and faith-based organizations. Our integrated, state-of-the-art program seeks to improve primary and mental health shortfalls in southern Dallas. 

our services


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